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Why we need Control panel for Server

A control panel is the administration portion of your webhosting server. It is an interface that you access to administer all the aspects of your account. You can typically control all portions of your site within the control panel without using any additional software including FTP software to upload files, though many people find it faster and easier to do so. Some web hosts use customized, proprietary control panels but most use one of the more popular platforms. cPanel and Plesk are the known control panel options that is preferred along with Server CP and Virtuozzo. However, the leader is in the industry is CPanel. Although there are some variances between the programs, they all have similar functionalities and features.

cPanel VPS

cPanel VPS are provided with additional License charge of 17 USD per month.

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cPanel Dedicated Server

cPanel Dedicated Server are provided with Lisence charge 30 USD per month.

Free Control Panel Setup

Order Managed dedicated server or VPS and get free setup of control panel !! See managed hosting