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Why we need Dedicated IP Address for website

As far as hosting goes, you may encounter a couple of specific situations where a dedicated IP will either be helpful or necessary. The first is if you wish to attach a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate to your site. And another case is for smooth perfomance even if your website traffic goes very high.

Dedicated IP while attaching SSL Certificates

Say you’re building an e-commerce site, or other very secured website or web applications. If you expect customers to enter their credit card and other personal information, you want to offer them the security of protecting that information with an SSL. You must have a dedicated IP in order to get an SSL certificate on your site. Most hosts will charge an additional fee both for the dedicated IP and the SSL certificate, but some may include the dedicated IP with the purchase of the SSL certificate. We also provide SSL Certificates if you need.

Dedicated IP address for High-Volume Traffic

If your website sees a large volume of traffic on a daily basis, you may want to consider getting a dedicated IP. This will help increase or at least maintain your site speed while accommodating so many visitors, and will reduce the likelihood of your site crashing under the strain of so much traffic. This is the same reason dedicated hosting is preferred for large sites with a lot of traffic.

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