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Short provisioning time and easy resource allocation VPS Server

Our VPS are excellent for websites and other uses. We have many VPS packages to satisfy every budget and need. All VPS packages now include DDOS protection at no additional charge!.All VPS below are SSD Cached OpenVZ Virtualization and 100% Uptime Guarantee. You are also allowed to order custom for your requirements.

Choose a VPS Server Plan

See our Unmanaged VPS configuration packages below.

Order Your VPS Account

Order your vps using order now button. We accept Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin payments.

Get Full Root Access of your VPS

All our VPS plans includes Full SSH Root Access.

High Performance Server Configurations

VPS-11 CPU512 MB256MB25GB SSD2TB/month1 IP Address100MbpsProtected100% Uptime$9/monthRs 900/monthORDER NOW
VPS-21 CPU1 GB512 MB75GB SSD3TB/month2 IP Address100MbpsProtected100% Uptime$12/monthRs 1200/monthORDER NOW
VPS-32 CPU2 GB1 GB150GB SSD4TB/month2 IP Address100MbpsProtected100% Uptime$25/monthRs 2500/monthORDER NOW
VPS-42 CPU3 GB1.5GB200GB SSD5TB/month2 IP Address100MbpsProtected100% Uptime$40/monthRs 4000/monthORDER NOW
VPS-52 CPU4 GB2GB250GB SSD6TB/month2 IP Address100MbpsProtected100% Uptime$50/monthRs 5000/monthORDER NOW
VPS-64 CPU8 GB4GB300GB SSD7TB/month3 IP Address100MbpsProtected100% Uptime$80/monthRs 8000/monthORDER NOW
VPS-78 CPU16 GB8 GB400GB SSD8TB/month3 IP Address100MbpsProtected100% Uptime$160/monthRs 16000/monthORDER NOW

Note: Addtional Ip costs 3$ per month, per IP Address. Additional 256 range IP Address costs 8$ per month per IP.

Choose any operating system free installations. VPS plans can be upgraded at any time!

Click here to know about more additional IP address. And click here if you need control panel lisences

Scalability. Control. Performance

All Vps plans are upgradable when required additional performance, with additional cost only.

Fast & simple

Our VPS are fast as it is connected to Gigabytes Network

Control Panel

Control Panel is optional. VPS Comes without control panel and Control panel of your choice can be installed when required.

SSD storage

Our SSD VPS servers has SSD Disk for better performance of your server.

24/7 support

All of our server has anytime support via email responses and Clientarea ticket issues.

Why Virtual Private server(VPS) hosting?

  • Best performance & security, with high availability. (Uptime 100%)
  • You can install, configure, manage and automate your VPS directly from your control panel or the API with root access
  • No shared resources. You can get Dedicated resources at cheap reasonable price.
  • This type of hosting is much more better in performance and handles the high website traffic with ease.
  • Linux with cPanel available at minimum price (managed & fully managed)
  • Scalable Performance, Storage, bandwidth and space.
  • You get a high-performance virtual server at an entry-level price.

Choose a Best Fitting Cloud VPS Package and get it deployed instantly. The VPS goes Online and you can Use it with your Root username password and Additional IP Details which will be sent to your Email. Easily Customizable VPS Plans which enables the Flexibility to choose your favorite Virtualization Type, Operating System, Control Panel and the ability to Add More Resources (RAM and Disk Space), with the ability to Customize and Upgrade the VPS even after Purchase, You can also Upgrade the VPS while you grow easily.

Customizable VPS of your choice

  • Select any Virtualization Type you like at the order page. (OpenVZ/KVM(+$5/mo)/XEN(+$10/mo)/XEN-PV (Windows)(+$15/mo)
  • You can add more RAM ($0.01/MB) and Disk Space ($0.10/GB) at the order page
  • *Operating System can be auto installed, You can select one from list or specify one not in the list, it's free.
  • * Install Any Control Panel if you like from our range of cPanel lisence ($20/mo)/Direct Admin ($20/mo)/Plesk ($25/mo)/Interworx ($40/mo)Licenses
  • * Your vps can be easily customized, upgrade Even After Purchase, It's Flexible