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A simple Domain Dashboard

Websnp provides domain control panel. Through which you can manage your domain control settings. Nameserver change, Free emai account creation, DNS management and transfer facility.

Search & register Domain

Search and order / register your website domain name. You can go to our domain portal http://domain.websnp.com & control panel http://manage.websnp.com

Order Hosting with us

Ordering Hosting with us. We create your hosting account and give you all the credientials and access of the server details.

Make your website live

Make your website fast and secure through our managed High performance dedicated and Hybrid Server system.

Domain Names FAQ

The domain name system (DNS) maps internet domain names to the internet protocol (IP) network addresses they represent and enables websites to use names, rather than difficult-to-remember IP addresses. Domain names are usually www.example.com etc

If You dont renew your domain name in time, Websnp provides 1 month Grace time to renew your domain . Even if you dont renew in that period, domain name gets deleted automatically from the system and will be available for re-registering.

Yes you can register your domain name only, Only to book you domain name and not to run the site immidately, You can register domain name only.

You have to change your domain nameserver to the following : ns1.websnp.com ( Primary Nameserver )
ns2.websnp.com ( Secondary Nameserver )

Ask your domain name provider about domain control panel and Search for Auth code, Use this code to transfer your domain name to here from other registar.

Yes we register all types of domain name. Please refer through domain.websnp.com
Our nameserver details are
ns1.websnp.com ( Primary Nameserver )
ns2.websnp.com ( Secondary Nameserver )